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Mirroring Your WE User Page

WikiEducator and WikiResearcher are separate wikis, but they are related and both are administered by the OER Foundation. It is expected that there will be quite a bit of overlap between those who are active on WikiEducator, and those who participate in research projects through WikiResearcher.

This raises the issue of user pages. Many people would presumably want to have the same user page in both places, and not have to update each one separately. Fortunately, it's possible to set your WikiResearcher user page to mirror your WikiEducator one, and then any subsequent changes will appear on both user pages.

To do this, go to your new, blank user page in WikiResearcher. Simply add this bit of code there:


Don't forget to replace YOURUSERNAME with your actual user name!

Then preview to ensure it's working properly, and save.

Voila! Now the two should remain synchronized, when you want to make a change, just do so on your WikiEducator user page and it should apply in both places.