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List any ideas, thoughts or suggestions you may have for the future success of WikiResearcher.

  1. The WikiResearcher logo is definitely DRAFT and decidedly Kitsch -- we must establish a community process for the design and selection of a respectable logo for the project.
  2. This is a new wiki -- which of the WikiEducator templates do we need to migrate to WikiResearcher?
  3. What is the average rejection rate for peer reviewed articles? This is potentially a significant waste of human resource -- Can WikiResearcher become a supportive community environment to collectively develop the capability of prospective researchers? What happens to the draft outputs of publications rejected? Is there a reuse opportunity here to improve the efficiency of research?
  4. WikiResearcher could be an important step towards the development of a research agenda for OERs, amongst other areas.
  5. What Portal pages are needed? For example,
    1. Researchers and their research fields (would they need to be arranged by name or by research field)
    2. Research topics (how would these be organised?)
    3. Research funding?
    4. Open Access Journals - A list with the type of papers suitable (e.g. NACCQ/CITRENZ BACIT -