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Introducing the project

Although the Open Educational Resources (OERs) movement has been developed almost a decade ago, Australian higher education sector seems to be still resisting this movement. This project intends to develop a “Feasibility Protocol” to enable and facilitate the adoption, use and management of OERs for learning and teaching within higher education (HE) institutions in Australia. This project will also explore how OERs will enhance teaching and learning, enable and widen participation for key social inclusion targets in higher education, promote lifelong learning and bridge the gap between non-formal, informal and formal learning in Australia. This is very important for the development of Australia education national and internationally because it will support educational institutions that are currently limited by the lack of guidance regarding OERs, speed up the process of appropriate adoption of OERs, and provide additional venues for universities to pursue innovative strategies to better support current students, attract new ones and be internationally recognised and competitive.

What we aim to achieve

The major objectives of this project are:

  1. to undertake a literature investigation and make it available to the public domain as an annotated bibliography. 
  2. to undertake an extensive sector survey to uncover the state of play of OERs and the extent to which they have been used or considered for adoption by higher education institutions in Australia.
  3. to seek and incorporate feedback of Australian higher education institutions at the Symposium to inform the Feasibility Protocol.  
  4. to make recommendations to inform and assist the adoption, use and management of OERs within higher education in Australia (Feasibility Protocol).


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News and announcements

The Project Final Report will be available soon!!

  • The review of the revised Final Report for this project has been completed by funding body (OLT).
  • We will include here infomation on how to access the final report.

Discussion list feed

Join the project discussion list.

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