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Paper notes

  • If you want to help me out I would love to have some more input. It will also allow me to demonstrate how crowd sourcing can be used to develop a research paper the wiki way. (dont be afraid!!)
  • I am hopeful that I will deliver a paper based on this page to Conferences in 2012
  • Note if we want to encourage the creation of OE Research we must have papers cited. So if you do use this for your research could you add a link to your paper on the page, and/or cite either this article or the CITRENZ paper.
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More and more as researchers we are being asked to record our research. In New Zealand we have the Performance Based Research Fund (PBRF) which is a Government contestable research fund for Tertiary Institutes.

Some Online systems for Managing your research

  • Portfolio systems
    • Mahara
    • Moodle?
  • General systems
    • Thomson Reuters ResearcherID
    • Google Scholar Citations A free service Opened up to all scholars on 16 November, 2011 opened up to all scholars. Spiders the web to aggregate your research outputs.
    • mendeley
    • free social networking website and collaboration tool aimed at academics and researchers from all fields. Launched in September 2008, it became one of the largest social networking sites for academics in 2010. It has been called a "Geni-portal for researchers" [1]
    • Trade-Me
  • Epernicus
  • LinkedIn
  • Quartzy
  • ResearchGate
  • VIVO_%28network%29 VIVO
  • IT Related Systems
    • ACM Members
    • IEEE Members?
  • Collaboration research tools
    • Google docs
    • WikiResearcher

Finding your Citations

  • Google Scholar. If you use your name your outputs will be listed with links to citations.

Notes on systems

ACM Digital Library

As a member of ACM you have access to a MyAuthor page.

  • Benefits:
    • Author-izer service: Allows you to have a link on a site you specify to documents in the digital library. Users can download your research directly.
    • Searches the ACM Digital Library and lists your research with bibliometrics (downloads, citations)
  • Issues
    • Must be a member of ACM. Assume the list is deleted once you are no longer a member.

ACM Digital Library MyAuthorPage Sample

Features grid

Tool/Database Open/
Downloads Citations
ACM MyAuthor Closed ? Y Y
Google Scholar Citation Open ? N/A Y
Linked-In Open ? ? ?

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