Comparison of Open Source Technologies to support Open Education Resource Repositories in Computer Science

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  • Other titles?

Physical (citadel?) vs virtual repositories (mainly links)

What makes sense in a repository? Syllabi, content, visualisations, assessments?

Completeness (e.g wiki issue)?


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Outline of proposal

What the research will involve

Research questions/hypothesis

Research Methods

How you will analyse the data

Introduction [Background]

Why you chose the topic

Links to previous research

Why this is different or unique

Research objectives, questions or hypothesis

Justify why the research you are proposing is important or significant

Literature Review

Areas for further research from the current literature

Research Methodology

Paradigm and epistemology

Show how you used the lit review to create your own methodology

Research Design and Method / Findings

data gathered




Exogenous Variables

reliability and validity

construct validity

strengths and weaknesses of the method

Analysis and Discussion

Limitations of the study

Ethical Considerations




OER Session 2 - Finding and Using OER: The WHERE and the WHEN

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