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Who we are

Research Team

Dr Carina Bossu (Chief investigator), Lecturer (Learning and Teaching), Tasmanian Institute of Learning and Teaching, University of Tasmania, Australia - Carina.Bossu@utas.edu.au

Associate Professor Natalie Brown, Head, Tasmanian Institute of Learning and Teaching, University of Tasmania, Australia - Natalie.Brown@utas.edu.au

Associate Professor Robyn Smyth, Director, Learning and Teaching Support, University Southern Queensland - rsmyth2@bigpond.com

Wendy Fountain, Project Officer and Educational Designer - wendy.fountain@utas.edu.au

Critical Friends

Mr Luke Padgett, OER Project Leader (Copyright & Engagement), University of Tasmania, Australia.

Dr Trish Andrews, Senior Lecturer in Higher Education, the University of Queensland, Australia.

Project Evaluator

Dr Fernando Padró, Senior Lecturer (Quality), Learning, Teaching Resources and Support, University Southern Queensland.

Our roles as project members

Chief investigator
The project leader will oversee the project and take responsibility for ensuring the completion and achievement of the project's stated outcomes, governance of the project, preparation of the final report, and dissemination of information about the project outcomes.

Project team members
Team members will work in collaboration with the project leader to ensure the completion and achievement of the project's stated deliverables and outcomes, contributing to the governance of the project, preparation of reports and dissemination. The team members will meet on a monthly basis by video conference and/or telephone, with two face-to-face meetings.

Critical Friends
The project's Critical Friends will advise and assist the project team when required. The project team members believe that it would be of great value to the project to have these two experts as part of the team.

Project Evaluator
The evaluator will conduct formative evaluation during the pilot stage. The evaluation, input and feedback from participants on their experiences in the pilot will be gathered and analysed. The evaluation results will inform change and improvements in the micro-course.

Project Officer / Instructional Designer
The Project Officer will provide overarching project management, including responsibility for arranging the regular team meetings, and providing financial management support to facilitate accurate record keeping aligned with the university and OLT acquittal processes. The Instructional Designer will liaise and assist the project team to design and develop the micro-course, including finding, adopting, repurposing and developing OER. He/she will also be required to attend the project meetings and be responsible for assisting with the piloting and evaluation of the micro-course.