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Research on the Legal Frameworks for Open Educational Resources (OERLF)

Research Proposal
under development

The need for a research study on the legal frameworks for OER was evolved out of an informal discussion of WikiEducator list on google groups. The discussants generally felt that a study on legislation/ attempts for legislation on OER/ Open Text Book all over the world will be very much helpful for the consolidation of efforts for promoting OER/Open Text Books. Perhaps such consolidated and regularly updated information would facilitate further legislation in favour of OER. The discussants offered to conduct research about the OER /Open Text Book related legislations and their application in various parts of the world. At this Dr. Wayne Mackintosh, founder of WikiEducator has suggested WikiResearcher.org as an ideal place for this online research initiative.

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Following are the (draft) objectives of this online research project

  • Determine outcome goals of desired legislation (Do we even want to have enabling legislation? If so what it accomplish for our intended audiences: learners, teachers, administrators, government administrators etc.?)
  • List legislations on OER/Open Text Books from around the globe with summary
  • Study about how such legislation can influence the growth of OER/Open Text Book
  • Study about the effective use of such legislation
  • Study the outcomes
  • Information on region specific open license norms based on such legislation and/or legislation on copy rights.
  • Study the use of Creative Commons licenses in government
  • Develop one or more ideal samples of enabling legislation that can be adapted to different legislative/regulatory settings.
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List of Research Collaborators

  1. Anil Prasad
  2. Satendra Singh
  3. Krishna Alluri
  4. Sarita Kumar
  5. Timothy Vollmer
  6. Jarosław Lipszyc
  7. Carina Bossu
  8. Vincent Kizza
  9. Joyce McKnight
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explain background of the research topic with historical data


Define and explain methodologies to be applied for this research

  • Internet search (preference will be given to search in .gov. domains)
  • Online focus group : A moderator or moderators invites selected, qualified respondents who represent the target of interest to log on to an online conferencing platform at a pre-arranged time and to take part in an online focus group.
  • Online interviews : There are different forms of online interviews: synchronous online interviews (for example via chat technology) and asynchronous online interviews (for example via email). In addition, online interviews can be distinguished according to the number of interviewees that participate, as online interviews can be conducted in a group setting or one a one-to-one basis.
  • Online questionnaires
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List and explain the anticipated outputs of this research project

  • Comprehensive list of legal enactments relating to Open Educational Resources
  • List of initiated legislations/policy making in respect of OER
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Add an appropriate conclusion to this research proposal