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Providing an analysis of current policies, resources, examples, alternatives and solutions to facilitate the potential adoption, use and management of Open Education Resources (OERs) within the higher educational sector.


To investigate, inform and assist the adoption, use and management of OERs within Australian higher education.

Who we are

Research Team

Chief investigator

Dr Carina Bossu (University of Tasmania), Lecturer (Learning and Teaching) - Carina.Bossu@utas.edu.au


Professor Mark Brown (Massey University - NZ) Teaching, Learning and Distance Education, Director - M.E.Brown@massey.ac.nz

David Bull (University Southern Queensland) Open Access College, Director - David.Bull@usq.edu.au

Reference Group

Dr Rory McGreal (Athabasca University)  -  rory@athabascau.ca

Professor Asha Kanwar (Commonwealth of Learning) - akanwar@col.or

Associate Professor Brian Simpson (University of New England) - brian.simpson@une.edu.au

Jenny Millea (University of Canberra) - jenny.millea@canberra.edu.au

Josep Maria Duart Montoliu (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya) - jduart@uoc.edu

Project Evaluator

Dr Wayne Mackintosh (Otago Polytechnic, NZ), Director OER Foundation, Director International Centre for Open Education, and Founder and elected Community Council Member, Wikieducator.

Our roles as project members

Chief investigator
The project leader will oversee the project and take responsibility for ensuring the completion and achievement of the project's stated outcomes, governance of the project, data gathering and analysis, preparation of the final report and dissemination of information about the project outcomes. She will expand the project plan taking into account the established vision and stated aims and outcomes of the project, direct the work of the Project Manager, liaise with the key stakeholders, distribute information and report on performance.

Project team members
Team members will assist in the project activities directed by the project leader, including taking responsibility for ensuring the completion and achievement of the project's stated outcomes, contributing to the governance of the project, preparation of the final report and dissemination of information about the project outcomes. The project team members will have a specific role in encouraging distribution and completion of the survey by higher education institutions in Australia. The team members will meet on a monthly basis by videoconference and/or telephone, with two face-to-face meetings per year.

Reference Group
It is expected that the reference group will provide feedback on emergent research issues, collaborate in discussions regarding this project findings and the dissemination of the final results. Consultation with members of the reference group will take place individually, by email and on a needs basis, which is likely to occur once every 3 months. The reference group will be invited to attend the symposium (via videoconference or possibly face-to-face) and provide additional feedback on discussions that might emerge during the event.

Project Evaluator
The evaluator will participate in monthly videoconference meetings and attend at least one face-to-face meeting at the symposium. The Project Evaluator will provide interim reports and write the final evaluation report at the end of the project. The evaluator will also develop and conduct the evaluation criteria for the project. An evaluation criteria matrix will be developed and agreed with the project partners. Sources of data will be identified and collection planned. An evaluation timeline and feedback process have been developed.

Project Manager
The Project Manager will provide overarching project management, including responsibility for arranging the regular team meetings, workshops at other universities and providing financial management support to facilitate accurate record keeping aligned with the university and ALTC acquittal processes.

Symposium Facilitator
The project team will appoint a symposium facilitator with substantial leadership experience in areas relevant for this project.