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Distance learning at times and places chosen by the learner: Adapting resources and learner behaviours for working with mobile digital devices
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Introducing the USQ project

The purpose of this project is to evaluate the potential of mobile devices, in this case the iPod Touch, to enhance student learning by increasing time on task for interactions that promote learning at times and locations more convenient for the learner.

USQ researchers from Education and Nursing have partnered with colleagues from CQUniversity to undertake the research project, which will enable USQ and CQU to assess the feasibility of the integration of such devices into learning and teaching systems more broadly.


What we aim to achieve

This project aims to gather information that will address the following specific research questions:

  1. How does the introduction of the iPod Touch affect distance learners’ interactions with course content?
  2. How does the introduction of the iPod Touch affect distance learners’ patterns of communication with instructors and peers?
  3. Which capabilities of the mobile devices are valued by distance learners and for what purposes?
  4. What constraints are evident in the use of the mobile devices to support distance learning?
  5. What modifications to university study resources are necessary or desirable to optimize their use on the iPod Touch or similar mobile devices?
  6. What adjustments to course design would enable most effective use of the iPod Touch or similar mobile devices to support learning?
  7. What costs and associated issues need to be addressed at an institutional level for scalability?


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