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DEHub research projects undertaken by the DEHub partner institutions for the DEHub
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Introducing DEHub research projects

The background

In November 2010 the DEHub Executive Committee approved five Expressions of Interest (EOIs) for major research projects across the 5 partner universities. Each submissions was evaluated by the DEHub Executive Committee accepted and the committee made a request to applicant to provide a full proposal for each project. In early 2011 the full proposals were eventuated by the DEHub Executive Committee and approved for implementation. Each research project will receive $100,000 over 16 months to undertake their respective research and an additional administration support amount of approximately $13,000. Each research project has been assessed against a competitive set of criteria including justification against the DEHub research themes. EOI’s were assessed within institutions through institutionally approved processes, each subtly different. Support has been provided by the DEHub and Director to develop the proposals.

Full details of the following research projects can be accessed from the DEHub navigational menu above.

University of Southern Queensland

Project title

Distance learning at times and places chosen by the learner: Adapting resources and learner behaviours for working with mobile digital devices

Project lead

Associate Professor Romina Jamieson-Proctor

University of New England

Project title

Contextualising virtual interaction opportunities in the health sciences: pharmacist and social work client counseling

Project lead

Professor Ieva Stupans

Charles Sturt University

Project title

Managing institutional change through distributed professional learning strategies: Tertiary teachers engagement with blended and flexible learning

Project lead

Associate Professor Merilyn Childs

University of Central Queensland

Project title

Learning Interactions: A cross-institutional, multi-disciplinary analysis of learner and teacher interactions within online contexts

Project lead

Dr Dolene Rossi

[Massey University]

Project title

In Their Own Words: Experiences of First-time Distance Students

Project lead

Associate Professor Mark Brown


What we aim to achieve

DEHub Research aims

DEHub innovation in distance education is an Australian based institute for research into best sector practices in distance education. It represents a collaborative partnership between Australia’s four leading distance education universities: CQUniversity (CQU), Charles Sturt University, (CSU), University of New England (UNE), University of Southern Queensland (USQ), and Massey University, New Zealand's pre-eminent provider of university-level distance education, plus the global distance higher education community.


Be recognised as a leading research hub exploring the 'new meaning' of distance education in changing times.


To build a sustainable network of future focused researchers who create knowledge of distance education and opportunities for lifelong learners.


  1. Build a future focus research capacity to become recognised as (a) leader/s of research in distance education.
  2. Develop resources to support and promote research, practice and development in/of distance education.
  3. Demonstrate leadership through collaborative and future focused research activities nationally and internationally.
  4. Disseminate research to inform and influence policy and improve practice

DEHub Research Themes

Based on the work of Olaf Zawacki Richter an analysis was undertaken during the first six months of emerging key trends with stakeholders and partners JISC / SURF /AARNet / Learning Federation / (now Education Services Australia) / CSU / CQU / USQ . Preliminary analyses were complete by the launch of DEHub in February 2010, and further refinement is still being undertaken. Considerable documentation and work is available through the various dissemination mechanisms of the DEHub. Further development of the themes has resulted in 6 papers that will provided as a resource with full Endnote libraries for scholars and be the basis of some of our future work. These will be presented in the forthcoming book and comprehensive coverage provided on WikiEducator.

DEHub began engaging with national and international stakeholders early in 2009 and facilitated cross-sector discussions with groups in Australia such as (now Education Services Australia), The Australian Flexible Learning Framework, ACER, AARNet, ALTC, The Learning Federation, and internationally with groups such as The Observatory on Borderless Higher Education and the Commonwealth of Learning. DEHub disseminates information about its research activities throughout Australia via selected mailing lists (such as ODLAA, ASCILITE and HERDSA), our blog, our WikiEducator site, and our website Wikieductor contains a gap analysis of the themes and key research areas (